Again she went offline.

From social network and life.



Hurt myself again today,

And the best part is I am the one to blame for.

Love is nothing but trap,

You will get hurt in numerous ways that you never imagined.

And the worst part is your other half will not even care for your hurting.

Don’t worry, thats the way it is.

Just another sleepless night

Just another sleepless night,

Another night of loneliness,

Another night of sobbing fest,

Another night of darkness,

Another night of trying to call her or message,

Another night of missing her,

Another night to fall into pieces,

Another night to love her more,

Another night to hate her more,

Another night to feel empty,

Just another sleepless night.

Ofcourse she cares, 

But the situation is not in her favour.

So happy hearts became heavy hearts,

And situation got blamed.

She still loves him,

But hiding it.

Now she is very good at hiding.

But all he could do is hide his last seen, nothing more than that.

There was silence when they talk,

That says it all.

He wants to break it,

She wants to run away from it.

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